Saleen High-Performance Vehicles

It Was All a Dream

Saleen Automotive was founded in 1983 by CEO Stephen Saleen. Mr. Saleen’s vision was to bring high-performance, race ready vehicles to the streets. By creating fully functional, unique new vehicles, he was able to do just that. Now Saleen has become a renowned manufacturer of exhilarating sports cars throughout America! Saleen makes performance sports cars accessible to all drivers, allowing you to reach every destination quickly and effortlessly in style. Saleen cars remain leagues ahead of their competition and stand out from the crowd wherever they make their appearance!

Saleen High Performance Vehicles

Expertly engineered to constantly improve on their performance capabilities while staying true to their intended design, Saleen vehicles offer new opportunities at every corner. All of our Saleen cars have undergone wind-tunnel testing during their production to ensure their aerodynamic efficiency is a step above. Leif Johnson Ford in Austin has Saleen vehicles of all different makes and models currently in stock now. Drive one down the streets of Texas today and make a statement in such a high-performance car at every corner!

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight sports car, a fast-moving vehicle, or a pickup with superior performance capabilities, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a Saleen vehicle. Saleen 1 features independent suspension, 4-cylinders, and a whopping 450 horsepower. Weighing in at less than 2,700 pounds, this sportscar retains an air of class while maintaining driving abilities like no other. Saleen 302 packs in power at every angle, with the Saleen White Label boasting 500 Horsepower, the Yellow Label at 745 Horsepower, and the Black Label at an incredible 800 Horsepower! The Sportruck combines impressive capabilities and regality to create an unforgettable ambiance of power and performance. You get to decide your power level: choose between an Ecoboost 2.7 or 3.5L turbo charged engine, or a naturally aspirated 5.0L or supercharged 5.0L V8 engine!

Whether you’re searching for speed, performance, power or even style, Saleen brings it all together into model vehicles of all different shapes and sizes. Feel the rush behind the wheel of a Saleen vehicle today at a price you can afford, only at Leif Johnson Ford! We have a host of high-performance, speed driven Saleen Vehicles in stock now in Austin. Don’t wait any longer to get started on your next adventure in a car that was made to take on anything that lies ahead. Schedule your next a test-drive at Leif Johnson Ford today.